Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Justin Boren off the team. There's just a blurb right now on MGoBlog and Rivals. MLive says that it was Boren's decision to go. The Free Press has more:

...Boren told much of the story 10 days earlier, following the team's first spring practice. He cited then the change in the offense and the grueling nature of the first workout.

He also mentioned the difficulty the offensive linemen had constantly running back to the line of scrimmage in the no-huddle offense.

"We didn't know what to expect," Boren said that day. "A lot of screaming and yelling, a lot different, but we'll get used to it. It'll just take time."

His departure was not a shock after those comments, but Boren also had a strong affinity for Michigan because his father, Mike, played for the Wolverines under Bo Schembechler.

This is big blow to the small amount of optimism I have for next year. We're down to just Schilling. Nothing against Schilling, but we probably ran to the right side a total of 7 times last year.

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