Saturday, August 16, 2008

Europe Trip - Part 3

Carol got me to go up the 400 steps to the top of Notre Dame. This picture was taken at the halfway point. Only halfway up, but high enough for me to get a deathgrip on the safety cage.

Carol with a painting...

Carol with a statue...

...and Scott with a statue.

Europe Trip - Part 2

We saw a lot of fountains in Paris, but this was Carol's favorite. I think we went to see it 3 times.

I think the Eiffel Tower looks good in blue.

We didn't intentionally feed the birds....they were aggressive enough to take the food from you on their own terms. Actually, most waited for crumbs on the ground, but one in particular was willing to go after your dessert whether you offered or not.

Europe Trip Pics -Part 1

Dublin countryside (Wicklow actually.) The land behind us is part of the Guinness Estate. Parts of Braveheart were filmed here.

Carol took this photo of a side of a Wicklow Cemetery that was adjacent to some pasture where sheep were grazing. Nearby stood the oldest Celtic Cross.

We stopped by here and Debbie went in to ask for coasters, but it was a Monday. They said that on the weekends, all the Kennedy's come in and take all their coasters, so they were out.